about L.A.M.E.

The artist L.A.M.E launched L.A.M.E.official as an artistic project towards the end of 2020. The basic need for wrapping paper at Christmas during the COVID-19 shutdown in the Netherlands was the foundation for the L.A.M.E.story. An old tote bag was utilized as a drawing surface during one of L.A.M.E.'s first creative sessions. The first original L.A.M.E.tote was created at this very instant and a hobby has developed into a creative brand,  L.A.M.E.official. 

The purpose of this project is to highlight the benefits of up-cycling while every client can express through uniquely customized fashion items. L.A.M.E.official has spread their wings over the streets of Europe, Asia, and Canada by creating walking streetArt on peoples garments.

In the LA.M.E.family we think deeply about the environment and the negative impact created by humanity. LA.M.E.official want to question the fashion industry and the approach of how we keep producing and treating clothing. LA.M.E.'s aspiration is giving old things new purposes while creating uniqueness among us. It's time for a new era, where we practice product-life-time-optimisation and believe that fashion can be better!